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120 seconds of Studio Photography tips + Nikon Z6II thoughts after 1 week!

More info on joining PPA:

Want to learn how I RETOUCH my portraits? Check out my tutorial!

My Lightroom presets that I color my images with:

Gear used in video
Nikon z6II:
85mm lens I used:
Westcott FJ400 light:
Flash trigger:
My soft light monster:
My other favorite softbox:
Rolling Light stands:
C stand with boom arm:
Backdrop mounting system:

Video shot on
The best Sony camera for video:
Best vlogging lens for Sony:


Social Media
Check out my Instagram:
Business Inquiries:
Where I get my music:


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  1. What strobes and controller are you using? Having the hardest time finding any strobes compatible with the z6ii, my current one won't even work with updated firmware.

  2. You mentioned insurance with PPA and what scares me about your shoot is the lack of sandbags. Especially on the main octabox and the practical continuous. Always practice safety when using lights.

  3. i agree using the af box is superior. I find myself swapping between that and single point when shooting portraits, largely using the single point when my subject is still, and i can really focus in nicely which I much prefer when the situation allows. When the subject is moving around, i think im better off with the box, as it does the moving around for me fairly well!

  4. Great video's on the Nikon Z6ii Manny. I've been looking at a replacement for my trusty Nikon D300 and waited for the successor of the Nikon Z6. The Z6ii is going to be it, I'm truly convinced now. I had some doubts and thought about switching to Sony, but replacing my 70-200 F2.8 VRII, 24-70 f2.8 and 16-35 F4 VR was going to take up much more budget than I'm willing to spend. So it's Z6 ii with FTZ for me!

  5. Couldn't you have darkened the background by moving the subject and the lights further away from the background, and by flagging the lights with grids?

  6. Reason why we love & respect Manny Ortiz is because not only he is a great artist & teacher but he also knows how not to deliver destructive criticism.
    He's informative, not judgemental. He rarely have been seen bashing any brand or camera ruthlessly. If there's something that he doesn't like about any machine then he will tell it in decent enough way. At least i didn't saw him doing that in videos that I've seen.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Many decades Nikon shooter here…my two cents,…one buys into the Nikon system for its proven reliability, raggedness , color science, weather proofing , ergonomics / ease of use and sound service and back up. Everything else for people shooting Nikon is of lesser importance and more or less all the brands offer the same stuff, but how many brands can claim the aforementioned
    as their legacy of beyond a century|

  8. Hey Manny, I really enjoyed the tutorial, especially how you shared why you weren't able to emulate the original image in-camera. I'm really enjoying the videos where we get to see through your lens, as well as the finished images. Nerdy question… did you shoot the "speaking to the camera" portion in 60p? It's got a very different look, and definitely doesn't feel like it's in 24p. Curious about your thoughts on that!

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