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💜The Superzoom Cameras of 2021 – Top 5 Bridge & DSLR Review

Sometimes a traditional SLR just doesn’t cut it.
00:00 Intro
00:48 ✅#5 COOLPIX P1000 From Nikon:*
02:15 ✅#4 Pro Shot 20 Mega Pixel HD Digital Camera From Minolta:*
03:51 ✅#3 Lumix FZ1000 II From Panasonic:*
04:57 ✅#2 RX10 III From Sony:*
06:06 ✅#1 PowerShot SX70 From Canon:*
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Not all superzoom cameras are created equal. Some have excellent image quality, while others have superb video capabilities. You’ll find all kinds of great bridge cameras on the market, and our team has reviewed dozens of them. And after that, we’ve selected the very best of the bunch.

#5 26522, COOLPIX P1000 by Nikon
The Nikon P1000 is perhaps the most versatile camera we’ve ever seen. It has an impressive 125 times optical zoom range, which is a whopping 3000mm equivalent focal length. We found the P1000 to be surprisingly good at capturing images both indoors and out, and even excelled at extreme sports. While we didn’t find the image quality to be all that impressive, it’s certainly good for most people.

#4 MN67Z-BK, Pro Shot 20 Mega Pixel HD Digital Camera by Minolta
The Minolta MN67Z offers superb image quality at a reasonable price. It features a 20.0MP still-image sensor with a crisp 920K resolution and an electronic viewfinder with an adjustable diopter. When shooting action, the large 3.0-inch LCD monitor helps to manage exposure while the built-in WiFi connection provides fast. and easy image transfer to and from compatible devices.

#3 DC-FZ1000M2, Lumix FZ1000 II by Panasonic
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is a long-zoom compact camera that doesn’t break the bank. It has a large 1-inch image sensor, and a 16 by 25-400mm LEICA DC lens. Its excellent camera controls and electronic viewfinder make it a pleasure to use. The FZ1000’s larger-sensor relative to its smaller body and heavier weight can be a bit daunting for some users.

#2 DSCRX10M3, RX10 III by Sony
The Sony RX10 III is one of the best compact cameras money can buy. It combines a superb, fixed-lens design with a phenomenal 9.7-megapixel image sensor. Its price is higher than that of the competition, but it’s hard to beat if you’re looking for something that provides excellent value and high-quality performance.

#1 3071C001, PowerShot SX70 by Canon
The Canon PowerShot SX70 HS offers superb image quality and a versatile 65x optical zoom range. It has the same physical body as an SLR, with a larger 6.0-inch OLED touchscreen and a physical shutter button. Its compact body is weather-sealed for dust and splash protection, and it sports a top-notch optical image processor.

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