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【Lighting with DLIN】Episode 1 – Rendering Cryptomatte in Maya Arnold and usage in Nuke Part 2/5

Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial, just me recording myself doing some lighting in MAYA and rendered in Arnold.

In the video, I will go through how to setup cryptomatte in Maya and outputting them and using them in Nuke. Normally we want these mattes in compositing as it will saves us a whole lot of time trying to isolate out certain parts of our character etc, and with those mattes we can now easily fine tune our renders to how we want in comp!

Thank you for watching and if you enjoy the content or want me to do more of such related content or have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments section. I will definitely look through all of them and reply them as much as I could!

Again, whatever technique used is solely based on my personal preference, it’s by no means saying that this is the 100% right way of doing things and if you have a better approach, please do share it with me too!

Thank you!

Link to documentation:

Link to Cryptomatte:

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