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A review on the all new honda rebel 1100, A game changing cruiser ?
kindly loaned by crescent honda uk
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  1. hi mark just a question for you i watched your review on the yamaha tmax 560 the other week if you had to choose one bike to keep which would you choose the tmax or rebel 1100

  2. really nice moto… Im on versys 650 now so completly diffrent bike but been testing HD last year and really like it, Im really tempet to buy Rebel 1100..

  3. Great review Mark! I just wish Honda gave it a dual front brake. There are cruisers out there that have them, so it isn't a 'cruiser thing' and the bike is powerful, fast and heavy! At just under 10k for the DCT is a very good option no doubt…shame that single front brake though…Cheers, Ray.

  4. Enjoyed the review. Tentatively considering a bike for leisure/recreation purposes, but I'm 53 and never even sat on one. Would look at the Rebel 500 first. Any opinions on taking up biking at my age?

  5. Great review!! I really like the way you explained the DCT as I have always seen the system as not as good as a manual transmission but you really can have the best of both worlds with this DCT transmission, I like it. I'm also looking forward for the release of the New Honda NT 1100 due to be unveiled end of this year or the next. I love this engine!


  6. awesome review as always mate, would love to see the 2022 GSX s1000 when it comes out. was thinking about getting the Z900 next but the new gsxs looks amazing

  7. I’ve had mine about 3 weeks Mark. I came from having Harley’s the last few years but the tendons in my left hand have been struggling with the clutch lever. This bike has solved that with the DCT and given me the chance to ride longer distances without painful repercussions. The engine is an absolute peach, smooth, powerful and as you mentioned the fuelling is spot on. Great bike from Honda and one I’d highly recommend.

  8. I'm glad you managed to get the DCT model. Very low seat height for taller people. I wonder whether they'll put this engine in a roadster, especially this beefed-up crank version. I like the Rebel, though.
    Good review, Mark.

  9. Another great review, Mark! Although I cannot see hardened Harley Davidson riders giving the Rebel 1100 a second glance, I think this will be a big hit with younger riders looking to get into cruisers as well as older, more experienced hands wanting a more relaxing ride.

  10. If i was into this type of motorcycle, i belive a Rebel 1100 would be for me. Though i'm not likening the DCT version. I need my clutch lever for my manual gear box. I like the looks, but i'm a "sport/sport-touring/naked bike" kind of guy. The Rebel 1100 is a Good looking, nice sounding bike though. I'd want new tires immediately as the "D" series from Dunlop (for example D214, D222, D428, etc) isn't worth the rubber it's made from. Although with a cruiser it's less of an issue then the more sporty bikes, it's still not a good tire.💖💖👏🏼👏🏼

  11. Hi Mark, that is one lovely looking bike. Must test ride it soon, hopefully 🙏. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, my wife doesn’t really like cruisers 😩 though. Maybe I could talk her into it 😂. I do like the Versys 1000 too though. What are you thoughts on the Suzuki Vstrom 1050 XT?

  12. I’m not keen on the sloping tank design but it doesn’t matter because Honda will sell truckloads of these. I reckon it’ll be a sales hit for Honda.

  13. I just had the first service done on my CMX1100 DCT and I have fitted a Two Brothers Racing slip on which sounds awesome, I should just add that I fitted the optional baffle as It was way too rude straight through. I cant think of of any previously owned bikes that have given me more smiles than this bike.

  14. This looks really nice, I’m not a huge fan of cruisers but this one seems wedged between cruiser and naked. As always another excellent review with the now infamous, detailed walk around. 👍🏻👍🏻

  15. As a long term watcher of all your reviews Mark , i'm on the fence with the Honda 1100 Rebel , would you have one as your only bike ( big question that i know ) , i think i might

    Best regards Shaun

  16. Mark, I was waiting for months on end dreaming what the big H would finally bring to the market in terms of this bike, as the internet and YouTube pics of this their new cruiser style bike looked the business, it really did. But 🤦🏻‍♂️, obviously the new design and engineering students fresh from Uni have no idea about what a certain style of bike should look like 🙄. I was expecting chrome, especially the exhausts, duel front discs, and a shaft drive plus a really nice paint job, not just your usual crappy red or black or other dismal paint colours that only the big H can muster in this the modern world. Alright, it's got the new Africa twin engine with DCT, but it's just so drab and there's nothing whatsoever nice about it or to talk about. I will say this, had they have brought this to the market as one expected them to do I just may have parted with my VFR 1200x for such, but no way cha, I'm keeping my shaft driven 1200x until one of us dies the first. Honda's lost the plot 👎🏻

  17. Please compare this to the new motto guzzi v7. Interested to find out if the new v7 can compete with this in terms of fun factor and throatiness

  18. Great looking bike, but it puzzles why they put cruise control on some bikes by the right hand. Should be on the left, I saw you using your left hand to operate it. 😁

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